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..."The Jewish people gave to the world the eternal Book of Books"

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The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948

Stop Anti-Semitism: "...this recognition by the United Nations of the right of the Jewish people to establish their State is irrevocable.  This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own sovereign state."-The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948

 The United Nations motto is a verse from Isaiah, calling for a society where people lay down their weapons and sworn enemies become friends." - Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen, writer and educator in Jerusalem.  "The United Nations has become the leading global purveyor of anti-Semitism." -Ann Bayefsky

"And the United Nations continues to demonize Israel and disregard outrageous anti-Semitic abuses both in its halls and in nations around the world."  -Edgar Bronfman


Gentlemen, it is said that if the Arabs put down their arms, there would be peace, but if Israel put down its arms, there would be no Israel.


  Examples of petitions to the United Nations:                



BETRAYED: The Conspiracy to Divide Jerusalem
Dr. Michael D. Evans

The Annapolis Peace Summit
Annapolis, Maryland

In the pre-dawn hours, my car winds its way down the streets of this historic city toward the Naval Academy and the Annapolis Summit. Precious fathers, mothers and grandmothers shiver in the cold darkness of the morning. Some of the men blow shofars and pray openly. Most hold signs printed with their pleas: “Don’t touch Jerusalem,” “Don’t touch the Bible land,” “Don’t touch prophecy.”

Unbidden tears slide down my cheeks for I sense how desperate and hopeless they must feel. These who love Jerusalem are overshadowed by the high and mighty of the world: President George W. Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and foreign ministers from many Arab states. Among those are known terrorists who are being treated as honored diplomats.

This is the first international peace conference since the U.S. organized-Madrid Peace Summit at the end of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. It was during that debacle that I openly challenged former Secretary of State James Baker over Jerusalem. The names change, but the desire to offer up Jerusalem as the sacrifice to appease terrorists is as passionate as ever.

The Madrid Summit destroyed the economy of Israel. It caused the overthrow of the government as literally tens of thousands of Russian Jewish immigrants were forced to sleep in tents. Why? The U.S. froze $10 billion in loan guarantees that would have provided housing for these destitute men, women and children. Israel was ultimately forced to give up more than 80 villages and towns, i.e., Jericho, Hebron, and Bethlehem.

Today, the vultures gather again, sensing that more of the City of David will be laid on the altar of sacrifice. President Bush has agreed in what is being called “The Final Status Plan” to divide Jerusalem before the end of his term in 2008. He has also demanded that Israel halt construction in the settlements for refugees. The plan is to turn those settlements over to the PLO.

The Saudis, of course, want the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to be able to move into Israel, not into the Palestinian Authority land holdings. The plan calls for Palestine to be a state within one year, with East Jerusalem as the capital. This “Final Status Plan” calls for vigorous, unceasing, aggressive negotiations that would end in the creation of a two-state region by the end of 2008.

It seems that the participants of the summit are trying to breathe life back into the Road Map plan introduced in 2003. When Mahmoud Abbas refused to implement the very first clause of the plan – to disarm the terrorist organizations – the plan died in utero.

The Saudis, of course, were overjoyed to hear President Bush’s comments during the Summit. The Road Map, an invention of Saudi Arabia and the Arab League was designed to force Israel to the bargaining table. Then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon related to me that he had asked for 14 amendments. Secretary of State Colin Powell flatly refused to include any of Sharon’s amendments. Phase Two of the plan as outlined was the dismantling of all terror organizations and their infrastructure. HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade to name a few would have been forced to turn over all illegal weapons and stop terror incitement.

Needless to say, Phase Two was not implemented by Abbas. Quite the opposite occurred: HAMAS took over Gaza; Abbas’ own terror organization, Fatah and al-Aksa martyrs Brigade continue to kill Jews. (The latest murder was that of a 29-year old father of two from the village of Shavei Shomron, just days before the Summit in Annapolis.)

The acceptance of this vile plan would turn Israel into a living hell. The Jewish people would be forced to live next door to a state controlled by Islamic fanatics such as Hamas. I am reminded over and over of the scripture in Psalm 83:2-5: For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your sheltered ones. They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” For they have consulted together with one consent; they form a confederacy against You...”

I stand here now with this document in my hand – this “Agreement of Joint Understanding” to which both parties have pledged acceptance. This document, if followed, will result in the division of Jerusalem. I’ve asked myself how the U.S. government could partner with a terror organization responsible for thousands of terror attacks worldwide. How could President Bush cavalierly shake hands with the man responsible for the Munich massacre?

Is George W. Bush so consumed by his legacy that he would sacrifice Jerusalem and hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews to attain his goal? Israel would have to give up the Temple Mount and the Western Wall in East Jerusalem; evacuate most of the strategic West Bank which would leave it vulnerable to rocket attacks in Tel Aviv and at its international airport.

What does the future hold for Israel? President Bush has indicated that Israel had “painful compromises” to make during the negotiations that were to begin immediately. I can tell you that Israel seemed very alone during the Annapolis Summit. It greatly concerns me. Why? President Clinton attempted to divide Jerusalem in January 2001, before the end of his term of office. He almost succeeded. I believe those negotiations and Arafat’s subsequent rejection of Clinton’s offer led directly to the events of 9/11.

Now, President Bush is attempting to follow in Bill Clinton’s footsteps. I, for one, am appalled to have to admit that President Bush believes the Palestinian cause is the root of Islamic hatred for America. His advisors are likely telling him that this agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will affect his legacy in a most positive way. How wrong can they possibly be? Only time will tell.

Can the Palestinian crisis be resolved? YES!

I believe that the first action that must be taken is a rehabilitation package calling for the dismantling of the 59 U.N.-maintained refugee camps. The Arab world needs to provide resettlement, employment and housing for the refugees. This would be similar to what happened to the Jewish refugees throughout Europe and the Arab world in 1948. Secondly, I would do everything to help Jordan grant citizenship to Arabs in the West bank. I believe that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan should serve as their representative body. Jordan granted citizenship status to West Bank Palestinians until the late 1980s. The Palestinians do not need more land; they need a life free of Islamic kindergarten camps that continue to instill hatred for the Jews into children at an early age.

Jerusalem Prayer Team
P.O. Box 210489
Bedford, TX 76095
FAX: 817-285-0962


Vatican ambassador attends Holocaust memorial

By Aron Keller
The Associated Press  May 07
JERUSALEM The Vatican’s ambassador to Israel attended a Holocaust memorial service Sunday, reversing an earlier decision to boycott the event that threatened to upset fragile ties between Israel and the Holy See.
     Monsignor Antonio Franco said last week he would skip the ceremony at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial marking the beginning of Israel’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Day because Catholics were offended by a caption at the museum describing the wartime conduct of Pope Pius XII.
     The caption next to the picture of Pius reads, Even when reports about the murder of Jews reached the Vatican, the pope did not protest,” refusing to sign a 1942 Allied condemnation of the massacre of Jews.
     Pius “maintained his neutral position” with two exceptions
appeals he made to the rulers of Hungary and Slovakia toward the end of the War, the caption says. It also criticizes “his silence and absence of guidelines." Israel Israel and the Vatican established diplomatic relations in 1993 following hundreds of years of painful relations between Catholics and Jews. Many issues are unresolved, including the Vatican’s actions during the Nazi genocide of Jews. The Vatican has struggled to defend its wartime pope.

The Vermont Addison Independent on October 21, 1999 correctly quoted me (Thomas Millington): "The practices, purpose, and direction of America is contrary to the Will of God and the Kingdom of Heaven as taught by Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible." Furthermore, any attempt to eliminate Israel as a nation or to steal its Jewish heritage to Jerusalem as the Holy City and the center of the world is a direct attack against Jehovah and Yeshua, Christ Jesus.

                Letter of response from Gerardo Joffe (FLAME)

  Thomas Millington, Ambassador II Cor.5:20, Ambassador to Jerusalem

Tom's Parade Float, Fourth of July, 2009 Brandon, Vermont  



Tom's Float in the Memorial Day parade, Middlebury, Vermont May 25, 2009 






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  (Jan. 2014)

The U.N. never stops its attacks on Israel, or the United States.

Did you know that last week a U.N. body canceled an exhibit showing 3,500 years of Jewish history in the Holy Land?

Did you know that same U.N. body canceled the exhibition at the request of radical jihadist activists?

And did you know that the United States gives more money every year to the U.N. than 180 other countries combined?

It’s time we stopped funding hate. It’s time we stopped funding lies. Our offices worldwide are mobilized to defend the truth.

Stop Funding the Anti-American and Anti-Israel U.N. President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, American taxpayers must not subsidize anti-Semitism. The U.N. works against America and our closest ally, Israel. Stop funding the United Nations.-Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel


(Excerpts letter March 1, 2013) "Today we have a president who is not a friend of Israel. President Obama has publicly declared that he wants the Holy City of Jerusalem to be divided, and much of it—including the holiest places of Christianity—be given to the Palestinians as the capital for their new state that he is working hard to establish. His new Secretary of State, John Kerry, is also not a friend of Israel. The Administration has hardened their heart against the Jewish state like Pharaoh of old. . . and like Pharaoh of old, they.. .and their nation.. . will be judged harshly if they do not repent."-Mike Evans Jerusalem Prayer Team 

It is written: "Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their work in darkness and think, 'Who will see us? Who will know?'" -Isaiah 29:15

 "The Inquisition- the Catholic Church’s medieval anti-heresy machine- left many tens of thousands, if not millions, of Jews, Protestants and Muslims, as well as deviant Catholics, dead in Europe and the New World between the 13th and 19th centuries, imprisoning and torturing many more. What’s more the campaign to ensure Catholic purity was the forerunner of much of today’s religious intolerance." Discernment from a High Tower

"You have consistently demonstrated the moral clarity that is necessary to defend Israel from the lies and distortions of its enemies." -Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Mike Evans

Rising Anti-Semitism: The need to respond.


(12- 14-12)"All new FBI agents are required to participate in an ADL (Anti-Defamation League) program that uses the Holocaust to illustrate the abuse of police power and the duty of law enforcement to protect the safety and rights of the people they serve."

JTA- The Global News Service of the Jewish People


Posted 10-20-12 On Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year to the Jewish people- the world’s greatest terrorist supporter and Jew hater, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [came] return to New York City. Traveling on papers approved by the U.S. State Department, and protected by the Secret Service and hundreds of “New York’s finest,” he [came] to our land and used our media to insult us and further his aim of a global caliphate. -Michael Evans, Ambassador to Jerusalem; Jerusalem Prayer Team

Benjamin Netanyahu UN Speech September 24, 2009

"I know that the Obama Administration is no friend of Israel." -Letter 10-01-10, Dr. Michael Evans, 

America's most staunch ally in the war on terror is in great danger. Our ally is Israel, and it has been in great danger since it was founded sixty years ago. But now it's in danger of being betrayed by our own government. After seven years of standing by Israel more staunchly than any president in our history, George W. Bush has succumbed to the illusion that by brokering a deal between the terrorists in the Middle East and Israel he can leave a legacy of "peace."

He and his administration are now ignoring the genocidal attacks on Israeli towns and are insisting that Israel give up even more land, which as recent history shows will be used as a terrorist base.    Not Christian

[What was] happening in the White House?  President Bush, in his State of the Union address on Monday night, announced his plan to have a PLO State by the end '08. This new state would take Judea and Samaria from Israel and proclaim East Jerusalem as its new capital, the home to all Christian holy sites.

However, President George W. Bush said: "I am honored to accept this medal* commemorating three and a half centuries of Jewish life in America. I consider it a high honor to have been invited to celebrate with you." 

  *OFFICIAL MEDAL-Issued on the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the first Jewish settlers in New Amsterdam, New York.  Features the words of George Washington, including the famous statement that "A Government which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance."  Medal also has inscribed Leviticus 25:10: "Proclaim liberty throughout the land."



JANUARY 23, 2009


Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos by Michael Evans was released on Tuesday, January 20. It coincided with the release of a new book by Jimmy Carter, We Can Have Peace in the Middle East (A Plan that Will Work.)

With anti-Israel propaganda and misinformation pervasive on college campuses, many students think it’s better to shy away from their heritage … or turn their backs on Jewish life completely.” -Edgar M. Bronfman,  (The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.)

The Return of Anti-Semitism, by Gabriel Schoenfeld*, ISBN 1-59403-089-8  "This strand of anti-Semitism, having proliferated several branches of its own--socialist, populist (A populist is a politician, etc. who claims to represent the common people), liberal--is today supplanting its right-wing cousin to become the dominant form of anti-Semitism in the West."  *Gabriel Schoenfeld has written on world affairs for the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Atlantic, the New Republic, and Commentary, where he is the senior editor.  Shoenfeld holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and lives in New York City.

What do American Democrats Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama, or Republican President Bush have to say in regards to the following fact?:  The streets of Washington form a Masonic Compass and Square between the many key buildings- Source: History Channel, Television.  Masons are a secret organization- their rituals do not conform to the Lord's!    


GOOD NEWS, A Forum for Scriptural Christianity within United Methodist Church, July, 2005;  


As I bring greetings to you this month, let me say July came in like a "Bang!"  All of us will soon feel the impact from three very explosive, culture war situations.

The first is a contorted Supreme Court ruling about the Ten Commandments.  A Decalogue monument on the grounds of the Texas Capitol in Austin was allowed, but framed copies of the Ten Commandments inside two county courthouses in Kentucky were not allowed.  In its 5-4 ruling, the Court noted that the counties in Kentucky intended to emphasize "America's Christian Heritage," and this would evidence "religious intent" (even though set amidst other secular documents).

One of the strong protests about the strong decisions came from Don Feder, President of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation, an organization that combats anti-Christian bias in the media, Hollywood, and the judiciary.  Note: Feder is Jewish!  But he called on Christians and Jews to join together to fight for America's Biblical heritage.  (Emphasis added)

And there is a Biblical heritage, despite what revisionists are constantly telling us. Consider just one example from the U.S. Supreme Court about religious nature in our country. In 1892, the Court addressed the major role of religion in the founding of America, saying: "From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, Christianity is, and always has been, a part of the common law....not Christianity with an established church, but Christianity with liberty of conscience to all."  The "liberty of conscience" cited is why Feder and other Jews are o.k. with America's Christian origins. 

Yours in Christ "Jim" James V. Heidinger II, President and Publisher


Tom's Jewish/Christian friend Laurie Capen: "You do not have to give up being Jewish to believe in Jesus! Her book Forever Yours now available in Paperback or eBook at:

Introduction: My book tells how a Jewish girl sets out to find her real natural family; that is, the Trop Family. Rejected as an infant, Laurie takes the reader along the journey of life to a brand new family through being adopted by the Randall Family. These adoptive parents were Lorraine and Cliston. As this family arrangement came to a close,’ to this Jewish girls amazement, she finds yet a third family that loves her with an incredible unconditional kind of love. This family helps her to receive her inner healing, and leads her to a personal relationship with Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the true Messiah!

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