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The American Bible Society and the Barna Group have just issued their 2014 report on the spiritual health of American cities, based on combined levels of regular Bible reading and belief in the Bible's accuracy. Although 7 of the 10 'least minded bible cities' are in our [northeast] region, we have solid churches everywhere. Burlington, VT ranks 9th least (from bottom) Bible-minded cities.

Pictured at right: Ten Commandments monument, Rutland, Vermont (Note secret society symbol at top middle of monument).



 Homeland Security (USA) has in partnership (a player on the same team): The United States Postal Service and the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army’s mission is an International movement of the Universal Christian Church to preach the gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ.


Above: Salvation Army, Rutland, VT

When there is no God or Biblical Standard, the State can create, alter, and enforce laws as it pleases. Former eight year Governor Jim Douglas was a High Freemason. A Holy Bible Masonic Edition (copyright 1940) says: “The Bible is the greatest book in the world. It is interesting, highly instructive and should be a very Handbook for all. As religion is the true basis for morals, no individual and no state is safe whose philosophy is not grounded in religious truth. All citizens should themselves know the foundation principles of right living in family, state, nation, and the world. Every person’s life is a success or a wreck, or something between the two, according as he does or does not govern it by the precepts of God’s Holy Word.”

 [Commentary: The above is surely true, but then why is the current State of Vermont officials corrupt in saying that they don't want to promote (Christianity) a "particular religion"?]

^ Newport. Vermont

^ Burlington Square Mall (Macy's is to left)


< Church Connections 1820 and after

Shelburne Road Burlington


(Burlington Free Press, Thurs., July 25, 1946) to the attitude above, and see if anything is changed!  Largest Number Distributed by Vermont Organization:  Bibles totaling 300, the largest number to be given at one time by the Vermont Gideon Organization were presented the state prison at Windsor, at a special Sunday morning chapel service. … [Mr.] Washborn told the prison inmates that it was important that the people should go to God for help and strength. “Read the Bible,” said the speaker, for in its pages are words of wisdom, and the only solution to live a victorious life. At the close of the service, 25 men raised their hands..."


Vermont Radio Station WOKO for years has broadcast daily children reciting the pledge of allegiance: "...And to the republic for which it stands... one nation under God... ".


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Full color magazine in public stores (I purchased mine in Hannaford Foods, Brandon, VT) until 2-28-2014: Jesus, Who Do Say That I Am , Published by Life/Time Inc. Specials. This is a great read for those distrustful of Christianity or are not desiring to read the Holy Scriptures! It can be an aid to help all understand the thinking of our day.

 Locate Churches in Vermont

Bibles- South Royalton (VT) Law School; Pictures taken 2-2-13

Brandon Parade 2012, Leicester Church

< Artists Series of the University of Vermont 1956-7 Season

St. Michael's College Colchester, VT

     "The Chaplain is not a law enforcement officer, but a representative of God... Believing that God is the answer to man’s dilemma, the Chaplain stands ready to bear witness to the forgiving love and redeeming power of God, through Jesus Christ, to all people, especially to those in crisis.”
     So reads the official Hardwick-Greensboro Police
Department Chaplain Training Manual
, to be used by
the town’s new police-sponsored cadre of clergy, the
volunteer component of Hardwick’s new Police
Education and Community Enrichment program.
PEACE, for short.  ... As America slouches toward theocracy, it's not surprising he's chosen God as his squad-car partner-or that I may be accused of churlishness (being an ill-bred person) for objecting. The U.S. is a secular democracy."
-Article: God on their Side?, Seven Days (Published weekly out of Burlington, VT), June 7-14, 2006

Below: St. Mark's Church, Burlington (North Ave.) 2011



Pictured above: The Lord's Prayer, Bristol, VT


State of Vermont appeases the Church:

Rutland Herald March 24, 2008- Pope praises conversion in Rome Easter message- “The faithful were celebrating their belief in the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. Thanks to the apostles’ preaching about the resurrection, ‘thousands and thousands of persons converted to Christianity… And this is a miracle which renews itself even today,’ Pope Benedict XVI said.  …  [Magdi Allam] expressed his gratitude to Benedict, calling Saturday ‘the most beautiful day of my life. The miracle of the resurrection of Christ reverberated in my soul, freeing it from the shadows of a preaching where hate and intolerance toward he who is different, toward he who is condemned as an “enemy,” prevailed over love and respect for your neighbor.’”

Rutland Herald Advertisement (excerpt 11-08-2000):

October is… Clergy Appreciation Month. The Rutland Herald will be publishing a special section in honor of the dedication of all Clergy.


Note: Anti-Christ is an opponent of Christ; a false Christ.


"Christ The King School in Rutland, Vermont with banner stating that it "Saves Taxpayers $2,083,200 Per Year"



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