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Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation installs Reynold Choiniere as Chief  as printed in (Vermont) The Newport Daily Express, page 12, Thursday, June 15, 2006  Part 1 of 2

     On Saturday June 3 at 11 a.m. the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation held as installation ceremony for their new Chief Reynold Choiniere, AKA Whitecloud, and seven Council members. The ceremony commenced with a Chief’s Dance, called “mowia wegan” which hadn’t been performed since 1870, to honor and respect the Nation. The Nulhegan Band performed a ceremonial opening of the installation ceremony with the ceremonial drum. The elder of the women lead the file of seven chosen women dancers who danced to the ceremonial drum in a circle. The dancers were: Elder Evelyn Pushard AKA Running Water of Randolph, Maine, Mother Matriarch Theresa Van Zile AKA Many Moons III, Princess Sheila Hill AKA Running Water, Councilwoman Sharon Choiniere AKA Cloud Dancer, Janice Conillard, Sheila Marcou, AKA Little Elk, and Denise Russell.  At the end of the dance, Chief Reynold Choiniere AKA Whitecloud laid a native American blanket on the leading elder’s shoulder and then followed with each of the dancers. Chief Reynold Whitecloud was assisted by the Associate Chief Raymond Choiniere AKA Running Deer with the blankets. The gifts of the blankets were kept by the dancers.

     Claire Bain, AKA Laughing Eyes, read a letter from the United Nations written by Charles Mercieca PH.D. President of International Association of Educators of World Peace.  Dr. Mercieca presented former Chief David Hill, the World Peace Award with a Medallion for the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation, on December 16, 2000 for resolving peaceful issues among all nations. Claire Bain read Dr. Mercieca’s letter which went on to describe the Peril of Indigenous Tribes/Nations in the continents of North and South America, how Europeans have infiltrated to expand their domain and wiped out numerous indigenous tribes/nations to the point of total destruction. They (the Europeans) developed machinery which have polluted our air and water with toxins that have caused terminal cancer to millions of people. In North America today, the indigenous people have been forced to integrate in the American and Canadian societies and to adopt same lifestyles of these mostly European invaders/settlers. The time has arrived when the indigenous people should be recognized as a nation of their own. In recent years, some of these indigenous people of North America got together and formed their independent old nation under the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation consisting of enclaves in both Canada and the United States where indigenous people live. The confederation revives the moribund (dying) old nation which is meant to make richer not only North America but the whole world as well. In forming the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation, there is no political precedence created.  The said confederated nation will exist as an enclave within the United States and Canada. As such, the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation would qualify to join the United Nations. Such Countries also reveal great respect for the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in which supports the freedom people to get together and form their own independent nation. The very fact that the enclave of the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation is found in North America and not, say in China, makes possible for this culturally rich old nation to be revised. The indigenous people do not have in mind to build their own military; they would rather have a demilitarized nation and concentrate on the development of the civilian economy, following the footsteps of both Japan and Germany after World War II was over. Last but not least, such indigenous people want to protect their burial grounds and rich cultural artifacts. They want to eliminate all air and water pollution and they want to initiate their own sovereign banking system. In other words, they want to revive and preserve an old nation which was subdued unjustly by mostly European invaders/settlers. This letter regarding historical and current issues of the Algonquin Wabanaki Soverign Nation of Turtle Island was very well received overseas on many websites. Part 2 will run on Friday, June 16

The Newport Daily Express, Friday, June 16, 2006- page 9 PART II

     The traditional ceremonial custom followed. The Mother Matriarch Theresa Van Zile, AKA Many Moons III, put ceremonial red paint on the forehead of the widow of the late Chief David Hill, AKA Sly Wolf, taking out of her “mourning period”. This ceremony was accompanied by the quiet low drumming of the drum. Following, Princess Sheila Hill, AKA Running Water, made her speech of past remembrances of the late Chief, and his important issues of sovereignty and self government of the Nation. She then presented the Chief Reynold Whitecloud with her ceremonial gift which completed the installation of the new Chief.

     The new Chief Reynold Choiniere, AKA Whitecloud, introduced the members of the Council in which was the traditional installation of the Council of the Algonquin Wabanaki Sovereign Nation of Turtle Island.

     The Chief spoke about “who we are” as a nation.  He described how he wanted to revive the ancient AlgonquinWabanaki Sovereign Nation of Turtle Island to preserve the spiritual and cultural heritage and religion of our people- economic well being of environmental protection of our people and mother earth for our future generations.

     In conclusion, Chief Reynold Choiniere, AKA Whitecloud, described a letter from former President Bill Clinton on November 6, 2000. Former President Bill Clinton vowed to honor and respect Tribal Sovereignty, self determination, and self government, in his revising Executive Order on Consultation and Coordination with Tribal Governments, strengthening our government-to-government relationship with Indian Nations. 

     A bill recently passed in the Vermont  (#851) House and Senate which denies the insurance that all Executive department agencies consult with Indian Nations/Tribes and respect Tribal Sovereignty as they develop policy on issues that impact Indian Communities- as several of the sections on the Vermont passed bill on the Abenaki and all native American people in Vermont, deny and extinguish this, as: (b) the commission shall comprise seven members and a chair appointed by the governor. {The governor has the sole discretion on the selection of the commission members; therefore, no tribal members of Indian Nations can nominate a representative.} The commission shall have the authority to assist Native American Tribal Councils, organizations, and individuals to secure social services, etc. permit the creation, display and sale of Native American/Indian made Arts and Crafts, and legally label them as Native American/Indian made. (18 U.S.C. & 1159 (c)(3)(B) and 25 U.S.C. & 305e(d)(3)(B). Under #853-states this title shall not be interpreted to provide any Native American or Abenaki person with any special rights or privileges that the state does not confer on –or grant to other state residents, nor form any right or claim to land, real estate in Vermont for the Abenaki people, and shall be construed to confer only those rights specifically described in this chapter.

     This bill eliminates aboriginal peoples sovereignty!

     MORE TO COME- Future editorial articles to be written by Chief  Reynold Choiniere, AKA Whitecloud, titled “Facts by the Long Fire” regarding the issues and concerns of Sovereignty for native Americans.

     A bountiful luncheon followed for the approximate 70 attendees and the Nulhegan Band drummed during the luncheon. Several tribes’ people sat with them and drummed on the great drum.

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