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National Geographic's DVD coverage of Inside Guantanamo, America's Naval Base, exposes the imprisonment of many foreigners thought to be linked with terrorist activities without any trials. Time served before release has been from 2 years and as many as seven years. The film says that due to its geographic location, military leaders maintained that international law did not apply, and that due to the confusion/inability of how to label the foreigners, that the Geneva Convention did not apply as to the treatment of people. Neither did the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights have application.  Shame on those American leaders in high authority who are singly and corporately responsible for this!  Amnesty International among other international groups have worked tirelessly for years in exposing this atrocity, and working to bring about justice.... but it's not over as of yet. Closing down the base will not keep America's empire from repeating this dehumanizing treatment.

Who in high American command has not learned the following?:

The Nuremburg War Trials at the end of WWII (notes from the History Channel presentation Oct 1, 2006):

These trials occurred to render justice to the numerous Nations and peoples adversely affected by the Nazi War machine. The Nazi War Machine plundered material wealth, and plundered the economies of otherwise peaceful nations.  The war also caused the destruction of cultural heritage.

The High German Officials responsible for the war were charged with “war of aggression”, bending the minds of children, and crimes against humanity.  These Nazi (German) Officers, subject to give account for their actions, either committed suicide prior to the trials as did Adolf Hitler, or those Officials who were apprehended and put on trial gave pleas of “not guilty”.  Despite the “not guilty” pleas, most were hung or executed by firing squad.

It was clearly determined that “Civilization cannot tolerate them [Crimes against peace/crimes against humanity] being repeated (emphasis added).

When asked about the blame behind causing the war, politicians blamed soldiers, and soldiers blamed politicians- both of which were “only doing their duty.”

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