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Greetings, Vermonters:
The documents that comprise this Memorandum of Law are the most crucial documents in the Vermont public archives, because they center on constitutional authority, the only authority that protects a Vermonter from the mischief of his government. The documents were not obtained by having to hire a lawyer, but by vigilant Vermonters who went to the Secretary of State, the keeper of the public archives since the founding of Vermont and affirmed by legislative act in 1782, and requested the documents, paying a small fee for their certification.
Citizens Alliance for Transparency

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A free speech outlet for Vermonters

Documentaries are being prepared about the lawyer class, unconstitutional amendments placed into the Vermont Constitution without your consent, prosecutors and judges who lie and mistreat the law and the people, the corruption of the state media who withhold vital information from the people, the bestowing by James Douglas of Combat Awards to state police who killed a mentally unstable man who was doing no harm 12 minutes after they accosted him, and the real reason security police have been introduced into the Supreme Court building and the Pavilion Building, and the corruption of the traffic courts.

Our purpose is not to punish, but to restore a trust.. FREE SPEAKERS will take on the duties the press won’t do, and stir debate and action, and offend the powerful by using public documents. We would like to invigorate Vermonters to restore the republic of Vermont and to understand their true relationship with their government, that the State exercises more oppression and extracts more money from us than King George II ever thought of in colonial America.

“The efforts of the legal profession are not enough to bring about the changes and improvements so desperately needed in our system of justice. There must be non- lawyer involvement and participation. We must appeal to all segments of society for help.” -J. Michael McWilliams, President, American Bar Association in The National Law Journal, August 10, 1992

“Laws are for those who watch, the vigilant, not for those who sleep.” Legal Maxim, Black’s Law Dictionar 7 Ed. P. 1652


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This Memorandum of Law shows what transparency of state public records can reveal for Vermonters’ information. We discover that people titled “judges” and “justices” are not constitutional officers, but who operate with the complicity of the legislature and the executive by merely the presumption of title, and who reference the Constitution to which they have no lawful connection.

The question is, is this excusable, do they still have authority, and if so from what source does their authority derive?

Vermont is presently a prosecutorial state centered on zealous law enforcement and evermore regulatory and prohibitory revenue-driven “public safety” statutes, complicated court rules, and procedures known only to lawyers, huge court buildings devoid of any humane architectural elements inhabited by armed, security forces, high court fees and lawyers’ fees that are unaffordable to most people; outrageous fines for minor “civil” violations and the condoning of police violence that promotes public fear, getting millions of dollars in federal law enforcement grants by lawyer/ex-prosecutor Patrick Leahy and lawyer/TV legal huckster Peter Welch such as from Homeland Security, and for violence-against-women groups. No state prosecutes, fines, and jails people more easily than Vermont.

Though Vermont has consistently one of the lowest crime rates in America, its legal factory consists of more lawyers per capita than nearly every other state. They are the largest business advertisers in the telephone directory. Lawyers are judicial officers while at the same time they conduct private business that profits from state laws that enhance litigation, and serve in all branches and agencies of government, such as the unelected Legislative Council, that forms the laws. Vermonters are routinely inflicted with heavy fines and even jailed and their cars impounded when they have done no harm but simply fail to identify themselves with “public safety” state papers, “driver’s license”, car registration, etc. While the court operators, as the public records reveal, need not provide any proof they have signed an oath or are lawfully licensed to hold office. That is, if the Constitution has any relevance.

The Vermont legal factory is not obliged to answer for itself. No supreme court justice has ever presented him/herself before the people for open questioning. Judges are free to help the legislature extort high fines and favor plea bargains to save revenue, deny a jury to see the evidence, ratchet up the conviction rates, enhance the power of prosecutors, and suck more money from the federal breast.

That the legal system is a commercial industrial factory is not our words. In July 1992,
in an official report to the legislature titled “Challenge for Change” former State Senator Edgar May reported that Vermont’s centralized “unified courts” are “a reflecting pool of failure”, an “industrial complex”, that “misuses resources” and is controlled by powerful supreme court “CEOs”, and it has not changed since.

This Memorandum of Law from the public archives shows that the legal industry operates with special privilege, or “full latitude”, in the public words of former State Senator Stephen Webster, the code words for power with impunity. And the legislators and the silent lambs of the state media protect the near sainthood of the corrupt criminal commercial judicial industrial complex from being discredited, when the non- constitutional legal factory discredits itself.

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