Dear Thomas,


I was in Israel during the Israel/Lebanon War, and I have an urgent word for you from four generals and many of the leaders with whom I met.


Most Americans were deceived by the media, and did not know that the war was actually between Iran (Persia) and Israel.  They were not aware that Hezbollah was founded by Iran, funded by Iran and armed by Iran.    


Iran instigated the Lebanon war to weaken Israel.  With 4000 missiles fired at Israel, and all of Northern Israel shut down for over a month, Iran succeeded in causing great economic distress.  Iran feared that the U.S. would come against its nuclear program at the U.N., so they felt that killing Jews would be a great distraction, and would send a signal to the U.S. of what would come to the West.  Their strategy worked.  


On August 8, Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes interviewed the President of Iran.  During the interview, Mr. Wallace said: “You have a special unit of martyr seekers in your revolutionary guard.  They claim they have 52,000 trained suicide bombers ready to attack American and British targets if America should attack Iran.”


Ahmadinejad’s cryptic reply was, “So, are we expecting the Americans to threaten us and we sit idly by and watch them with our hands…tied?”


Iran furnished the rockets that were fired into Israel.  Their strategy to cause Israel to lose the war of world opinion worked.  The rockets and launchers were stored in civilian-occupied homes in South Lebanon.  The terrorists would drag the launcher outside, fire a rocket, and then return the launcher to the specially-prepared garage.


Why?  Hezbollah wanted to be able to show dead Muslims to the television cameras in order to say that Israel deliberately killed innocent civilians.  Of course, the terrorist’s families were happy to cooperate; they were willing to die what they saw as a martyr’s death.


During the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980’s Iran used more than 250,000 children under the age of 16 as human mine-sweepers.  They were sent out ahead of the Iranian troops to clear the mine fields.  A martyr’s key was placed around their necks, and they were tied together arm-to-arm.  Khomeini named these young conscripts “Soldiers of the Hidden Imam.”  They were told that their blood would birth the “Nation of Islam.”  This is exactly what Iran told the Hezbollah families that were sleeping with missiles.


Since Israel would never allow cameras to film dead and suffering Jews, Iran was able to win the deception of war.


The media never reported on why Israel destroyed South Beirut.  Iran built a military base in the area to use as its springboard to destroy Israel.  It was the command and control center where all of the long-ranged missiles were stored.  It housed the radar and most advanced Russian-made technology.  South Beirut was the stronghold of the Iran Revolutionary Guard.


Also, many Americans are not aware that on May 8 of this year, Almadinejad sent a letter to President Bush attempting to convert him to Islam, and warning him of the consequences if he refused: “Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems.”


There is a reason a letter is sent; before a major attack, Islamic fascists believe you must warn the infidels, and give them one last chance to convert.  It is vitally important that you know this.  You have a heavenly assignment as important as the one God gave Ester in her day.              …


When the President of Iran smiled and announced that he would continue to build nuclear reactors, he boldly declared, “The world will do nothing.”  This is the man that has stated that Israel should be “wiped off the map.”  He sees a world without Zionism and America.  Not since Adolf Hitler have the Jews been so threatened with annihilation…and Hitler did not have the atomic bomb in his arsenal.


In the 1930’s, when the world heard Hitler’s statements that he would exterminate the Jews, he was not taken seriously.  Instead, world leaders attempted to appease him.  Because of this apathy, six million Jews died; one million of them children.  (My mother lost many of her relatives during the Holocaust.)


Most think Ahmadinejad cannot and will not carry out his threats.  They are wrong!  No less than five generals in Israel say that he will soon have nuclear weapons capabilities, and once in his grasp, he will use those weapons to advance his agenda- world domination by Islamic fascists.


I was told that using proxy, a 10-kiloton bomb could be loaded into a truck and delivered to the heart of Tel Aviv, and kill one million Jews.  A cargo ship could deliver a nuclear-armed container into the port of Haifa, and cause untold havoc.  According to these seasoned military men, if Ahmadinejad gets the bomb, he will try to attack not only Israel, but the U.S., and most likely New York City.


[“The Awakening”] is the only television special designed to wake-up our nation before it’s too late.  We must mobilize tens of millions of praying saints.  God does answer prayer.  “The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”  (Daniel 11:32, from Persia)


Ayatollah Khomeini’s picture with the following quote is prominently displayed in all of Iran:  “War is a blessing for the world and every Nation.”  The mullahs in Iran have been lying through their teeth for eighteen years.  They have had a nuclear program, and are a mere screwdriver’s turn away from having the bomb.


In his twisted mind, Ahmadinejad believes that he will usher in the second coming of the Twelfth Mahdi, the Hidden Imam.  This person is believed to be the twelfth descendant of Mohammad, who in 940 AD at the age of five, disappeared down a well.  According to the teachings of this religious sect, an apocalypse against the infidels, Jews and Christians will resurrect him, and at his appearing, the entire world will bend its knee to Islam.  They teach that Jesus, too, will return and fight with the Twelfth Imam against evil.


Ahmadinejad believes this so strongly that he said it would happen within one to three years.  He has placed the names of his cabinet members in the well in order to establish what he calls “a divine connection.”