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 Sioux Nation Relief Fund

The great American Tragedy

10 facts every American should know:

• Most elderly American Indians receive no pension
• The Pine Ridge Reservation includes two of the lowest per capita income counties in
the U.S
• Native Americans have some of the highest teenage suicide rates in the U.S.
• One-third of those living on the Rosebud Reservation are considered homeless
• 59% of Rosebud residents live in substandard housing
• Those living on the Pine Ridge Reservation have a median income of $3,700
• Many elderly American Indians are totally dependent on others for financial support.
• 63% of those on the Pine Ridge Reservation live below the poverty line
• Thousands of Native Americans don’t have easy access to health care and food supplies because of a lack of any public transportation on reservations.
• The majority of Native Americans receive no benefits from the gaming industry


 Southwest Indian Relief Council


[T]his fuel voucher is so you can sign and return it, to be included with a life saving delivery of firewood that will help Elders and families survive the harsh winter. One such Elder is Jim Jona, who -- to survive the winter -- had been picking desert shrubs to burn in his wood stove that were so dry, they burned up before they could warm the house. Jim broke down and cried when he received his wood saying:

 “I have been praying and I prayed to the
white man's God (meaning ‘the father and God in heaven over all’) and my prayers are answered.”

A fuel worker checking up on Jim later, reported that he was careful not to waste the wood and would only put two pieces of wood on at a time and add coal to make it last longer. In addition to Jim, a local outreach worker found other families in this remote area that were burning old clothing in order to cook and warm the house.

The SWIRC program was able to provide wood to these grateful people... but not all Native Americans are so lucky.



 American Indian Relief Council

Many Elders are homebound and are left to worry about their health or how they will heat their homes. If they are fortunate to have food, many of them would give it away to their children or grandchildren before they would allow them to go hungry.

You can see why this one meal would mean so much to a widow whose only meal may be the nutritious Thanksgiving meal provided by you and the American Indian Relief Council.


 Navajo Relief Fund

Today a hearty, nutritious meal is too often a remote possibility for those living on these reservations as food is often neglected in favor of paying rent or heating their homes. With unemployment rates soaring to an unbelievable 35%-85%, there is sometimes little to be thankful for.

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